Pioneer Stations for a Brownie Event

Submitted by:
Joann Uecker

The event was wonderful, and I just wanted to tell you about the different stations. There were 6 stations, and each station was staffed by two adults. There was folk dancing (they LOVED learning the Virginia Reel), a games station that used jump ropes and the parachute game, a cooking station that made applesauce and butter (shake whipping cream in a jar until it clumps together into butter), and paper dolls. (People shapes pre-cut out of poster board can be purchased through Lakeshore for $3.50/24 shapes--I've done this craft with my Brownies in the past, gluing a felt swimsuit shape on them, then cutting clothes out of felt. I love it because the dolls are heavy, long-lasting, and pre-cut!) There was also a candle station (made ice candles in paper cups) and a cross stitch station. The girls decorated paper bags to take home their treasures. Each station lasted half an hour. When the last station was finished, we brought everyone back together in a group and sang songs for half an hour.