Rainy Days at Camp

Kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides
Kingston, Ontario

Our spring camps often end up rainy (once it was snow/slush!). We found that secret sisters helps a lot. The meeting before we put all the girls' and leaders' names into a hat and are drawn by each person. They are the secret sister for the name they've drawn. The girls then leave pictures, little crafts and clues for their friend (a min of 3 things) and at the end of camp, they have to guess who their secret sister is.

We also had a craft table set up with low instructional crafts like friendship bracelets, beads, collage, fimo, oragami, sewing little puppets or critters, etc. There were paper directions on the table which the girls could look at. We also had word puzzles and games when it was an indoor camp. Sr. Branch events have similar tables set up, especially Aggie.

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