Robin Hood

Guide Guider White Oaks Area
LDP & Commissioner/Admin Trainer Highland Glen Area
Ontario, Canada

A number of years ago we held an arts camp with a Robin Hood theme. Some of the activities we included were:

Flowered wreaths to be worn on the head. The girls braided jute to fit their head and tied it at the back. We then worked in dried flowers (statice works really well) to fill the circlet and then tied long pieces of thin satin ribbon that hung down the back. They were gorgeous!

Each patrol tent was a different village. They each designed a banner which was paraded to the archery tournament. The camp director and her assistant dressed up at King Richard and the Lord High Sherriff of Nottingham. They presented bags of gold (chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil) to the winning villages.

One of the activities was learning to play the recorder. A number of the girls played a short piece for entertainment at our floating campfire evening.

On 'festival day' the girls got a day off and the guiders did all the chores, including preparing the festival banquet and waiting on the kids. They really got a kick out of that day.

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