Space Theme Ideas

Therese Preece (Sandpiper)
Surrey, British Columbia

Space is a great idea that has been done around here often. Here are some ideas I have seen used successfully...

- hang martian jello from the trees - (make jello gelatin and pour into small plastic bags and clothes peg to a tree (it is what the martians left the girls during a night visit)

- sneak bits of lava rock from the Barbeque under the girls pillows during the night - martian rocks from the planet "whatever", and attach little notes to each lava rock saying something about each girl so they really think the "martians" have really seen them in person

- have a backwards day, having campfire, flag down ceremony, dinner, crafts etc., lunch, activities, breakfast, flag up ceremony...... wear pony tails in front and centre (look like unicorns).

- make dinner and pour it all nicely in a heavy ziploc bag. The girls have to eat it like an astronaut - chew a hole in the bag and either stick in a straw and suck out the food, or just suck the food from the hole..... mashed everything works best for this.

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