Theme Ideas Compilation

Compiled by:
Maria Spratford
Leader, Senior Troop 449
Girl Scouts of Hoosier Capital

THANKS to all of you who e-mailed me privately with ideas for a large all-camp evening activity. I thought it would be good to share the ideas so hopefully others can use some, too. Sometimes it only takes a "spark" to ignite someone's imagination. . .

Western-theme dance
a wide-game involving your camp's theme
a talent show
a fright night or haunted trail (for October)
a fashion show (current fashions or historical uniforms, etc.)
a group service project (red cross teddies, making and stuffing Xmas stockings)
a fiesta
bingo (white elephant, animal)
story-telling (with a storyteller, or giving the troops props and having them make up stories
sing along
square dance
get-acquainted games

Hope these help some of you as much as they helped me!