Theme Ideas sent in by Lynn Dukes

Lynn Dukes
Carolina Low Country Girl Scouts
Summerville, SC

Thanks to all who answered my question about something different to do with the girls other than another Cinderella Ball. Here is a list of the ideas I received:

Sock Hop - Include baby pictures of the leaders for the girls to guess.

Western - Have water gun races, lasso milk jugs, dress in western theme clothes

Skating Party -

Under the Sea Dance - dress as mermaids or sailors, stations to complete things from the Cadette Handbook

Community Service - Beautification Project with games and lunch. Games could include 3 legged races, sack races, etc.

Square Dance - have a caller teach dances

I Hate Winter Dance - do a beach theme (or summer theme) party. Have hula hoop contests, jump rope contests, dress in your favorite summer clothes

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