Theme Ideas sent in by Marianne Mitchell

Marianne Mitchell
167th Nepean 'Andover' Rangers
Nepean, Ontario

Okay, here are a bunch of suggestions for camp themes (you can figure out how to incorporate them, depending on what things your girls like to do). Although I also liked the suggestion of a let's-relax-and-take-it-easy camp, where you just have fun.

Let's go Back to Kindergarten (just had one with teens -- super fun!)


Murder Mystery

Under the Sea

Jungle Fever

Blockbuster Weekend (based on a selection of best selling movies)

Time Warp (365 days of the year in one weekend, including major holidays!)

Weekend Rock Ride -- the 50's, 60's and 70's

Any 20th century decade (I think the 1920's could be fun)

The Olympics

International (a selection of countries, or pick one in particular)

Fairy Tale weekend


Over the Rainbow

Food, Glorious Food!

Out of this World (Space/Aliens theme)

Dr. Seuss

Lord of the Rings

Pioneer Weekend

Or different types of themes:


World Peace

Team Building

Establishing Values and Setting Goals

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