Troop Kidnapping

Laurie Nelson USA

I wanted to tell you about our "Troop Kidnapping" that took place last week. It went really well, even the rowdy girls did good. One thing I did was have a contract that each girl had to read and sign to participate. Basically, it was just the GS law broken down into my expectations. It also had a clause that stated if you were loud or running around after midnight (except for bathroom breaks) your parents would get a call asking to come and pick you up. Worked GREAT!

The leaders handed out permission slips in sealed envelopes to the parents when they came to pick up their girls from an early-May meeting. We told them it was top secret and to be kept from the girls.

The parents were able to pack their sleeping bags and overnight gear for their daughters but were told to hide it away until we came to get them.

We started picking up girls at 1:30, Wed. afternoon. Each girl had a blank expression on her face when she saw us at the door. One girl even asked if she had done something wrong! We gave the girls 5 minutes to get what they needed for swimming. We packed up the rest of their stuff and left. They had no idea where we were going.

First stop was the Jr. High pool for 2 hours of swimming. After that, we took them out for pizza in a different town. Each girl got six quarters to spend on games or music. By the time we left, they were full and getting their second wind.

Next stop was to my house where we set up tents (What's that motto...? Be Prepared? Good thing! My SUM loaned us this 8-person tent that turned out to be a 3-4 person tent! Luckily I own a 3-person and one person cancelled for the night!!).

We got the tents up with little difficulty then we went to do film can ROCKETS!! The girls couldn't get enough of them. We started doing them in the back yard but moved to the front so we could get a better angle. We mounted the tubes on paper plates but I took two tubes and taped off the bottom and attached them to popsicle sticks so we could adjust the angle even better. My co-leader is planning to do rockets for her son's space-theme b-day next month! ps: You'd be surprised how high a film can lid can go in the air when you drop your can in the wrong way!

We made a campfire and ate s'mores until curfew, put out the fire and went in to work on the Internet. The girls toured around the Net for a while and then we took turns typing a page about the kidnapping. I haven't finished it yet but will get in up on our site soon.

They were in their tents by 11:30.

It started to rain about 3:30 am. Our little tent was soaked inside so the 3 girls went inside to sleep in my Living Room. At first I was going to stay in my camper (where the leaders slept) but then decided to go in to supervise. I even decided not to hop into my own comfy bed and spent the rest of the night with the girls.

It was still raining by breakfast time so the girls cooked in the kitchen instead of over the campfire. (5 pounds of huge oranges for nothing!!we were going to make "Roughing It Easy's muffins in 1/2 an orange. Next time!). The GIRLS made 2 kinds of muffins, scrambled eggs and link sausage. Better yet, they all cleaned up afterwards. Not without complaints, however.

They all had a fun time, eventhough it was a local kidnapping. Now that we leaders have gotten our feet wet, maybe next year it will be out of town or at a hotel. By the way, we came up with this because the girls couldn't decide what they wanted to do with their cookie money. The troop paid for all of the activities. Best part was, swimming was $.75 per person. The girl taking the money said if we wanted to consider ourselves one-big-happy-family of 11, she would only charge us the family rate...$3!

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