Winnie the Pooh


This is the basis of a station type wide game that I played at a guider training some years ago. It was used later, in a simplified form , at a guide camp. It was based on the Famous five, but could be adapted to fit various Pooh characters. I will list the challenges, as I remember them. We each started at a different one.

1. Compass: Using tent pegs, rope and paces, work out a shape from given directions. (eg NW 10 paces, bang in tent peg, SSE 5 paces, tent peg again. You could make this Pooh's Hunny Jar.)

2. Screwing something together blindfolded, with someone else giving instructions.

3. Carrying an injured party (Wasn't there something about Eyore and a punt?)

4. Circus skills

5. Water carrying race (filling up a balloon - Timed)

6. Reading Semaphore signals, and answering

7. Junkcraft. Who can make the most useful invention for Kanga, or something. (Thinking about another training camp, who can raise their construction furthest off the ground).

8. Identifying bits of a skeleton, but you could adapt this to some sort of large piece jigsaw puzzle.

9. A string trail, not blindfolded, but transporting a cup of water along the string without spilling any.

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