Doctors Office Alphabet Book

Karen Hobson
Brown Owl, 15th Dartmouth Brownies
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Alphabet Books

Great for donating to doctor's offices, etc. (any place where children have to sit and wait) or to childcare centres with limited budgets. It involves only cutting (no messy glue clean-up). A great PR tool. Involves recycling and even a word recognition lesson. What more could you ask for?


Magnetic photo albums
discarded greeting cards
construction paper


Use each page for a letter of the alphabet. If you have more than 26 pages then you can add number pages as well.

From constuction paper cut each letter of the alphabet in capital and lower case. Peel back the plastic film and place the two letters (Aa, Bb, etc) in the upper corner of each page. Cut out pictures from the greeting cards, magazines or wherever else you can find suitable ones, and place with the appropriate letter. Do a nice collage with a number of pictures - be sure to leave at least 1/2" margin around the outside so plastic will stick back down. Try to keep it simple though - a dog is a dog (not a spaniel, etc.). You can also add cut-outs of the letter in different typefaces. If you do numbers, don't make a collage as a whole page of single items to represent 1 can be confusing - just put the appropriate number of objects on the page. When a page is complete stick the plastic film back down and smooth out air bubbles etc. Make sure edges are secure. You now have a colourful alphabet book that is easy to wipe clean.

We used the first page as an introduction, ie: donated by ...... for more information on joining, etc. A good place to put some Guiding photos (ask PR for some pamphlets).

These were very well received. I know there is still one kicking around in my doctor's office even after all these years.