Bluenose Challenge Games

from GGC Ontario Arts 1996-97
submitted to Guide Zone by Kim Waumsley

Bluenose Challenge Games

1. Boat Races
Equipment: Boats made form Nut Shells or paper or Foam
Using a Straw , blow the boats across a wading pool or puddles

2. Fish in a Net Game
Equipment: None
Form girls into two Groups. One group forms a large circle (net) and join hands. Hands are to held high. The other group join hands in a line and go in and out the holes in the net (circle) They all sing a sing i.e.. swimming or fish song. The Guider who stands with her back to the girls calls "NET" and the girls in the circle (net ) bring down their arms. Any of the fish group caught inside the net join the circle and the game continues until all the fish are caught.

3. Relay Races.
Equipment: Lifesaver candy, toothpicks, blow-up life preservers.
How to play: Girls are lined up in teams
1) Pass life saver using toothpicks from one girl to the next in line.
2) Lobster crawl to a chair, then around the chair and back to their line. Then the next girl goes .
3) Swim like a fish to a line, then back the same way to their line. Remember that different fish swim in a variety of ways.
4) One girl is at the other end of the room. The girls in line throw her a life preserver tied onto a rope to save her . Knot must be the right one or girls can use short ropes tied together properly to make a life saver ring to save her.

4. Ship and Lifeboats
Equipment: 1 Flashlight, 10 chairs, blindfold and light out.
How to play: Set up chairs around the room the form obstacles (Rock) At one end of the room, girls are formed into groups of 3 . (two girls are blindfolded in each group and one is not.) They are the lifeboats. They form into a small line with the non-blindfolded girl in the rear she will tell them how to steer their lifeboat (if the girls find it hard to stay together give them a piece of rope they can hold. A Guider will be the ship at the other end of the room. She will hold the flashlight that will flash from time to time to let the lifeboats know where the ship is and where safety lies. The lifeboats in the night must make their way across the water to the safety of the ship. They must avoid the obstacles along the way.

5. Fish Game
Equipment: Different kinds of fish that are caught around Nova Scotia. The fish are cut out from paper. They can have small magnets attached to the fish, girls would each need a fishing line (stick tied to a string with a magnet tied on the end.
How to play: Girls form a line at one end of the room. Fish are scattered around the floor. On a given signal, the girls rush out to fish in the waters i.e.. pick up or use their fishing lines. On a chosen signal the fishing ends. Girls see how well they did. As an option each fish could have a point value or colour and they could fish for their group.

6. Jig Saw Puzzle
Find Pictures of Nova Scotia or world flag. Glue to a piece of Bristol Board. Then cut into puzzle pieces. Girls will have fun making them as well as playing with them.

7. Word Searches
Research words belonging to Nova Scotia and Guiding and put them into a word search format

8. Mini Highland Games
Have your own round robin of games such as javelin throwing, straws, log cutting, plastic knives sawing jube jubes etc. Use you imagination to make up lots of fun activities.

9. Knot tying relays
Using a knot board and tie some shoestring licorice. See how fast the knots can be learned and eaten.

10 Kim's Game:
Equipment: Different objects from boats, the sea, and Guiding or the world conference, Large paper clock, Drawn clocks on paper for girls, pencils
How to play: Girls form into groups. Objects are laid out on a large paper clock. Everyone is allowed to look for a couple of minutes, then the clock and objects are covered. Girls are given a drawn clock and as group try to remember everything on the clock and where it was, on what number or in between what numbers OR Make up question about the dime that can only be found on the dime itself.

11. Card Games
Equipment: Cards with words pertaining to Nova Scotia / World Conference Guiding.
How to play:
Make two teams of girls. One team offers clue words to the other team so they can try and guess the word on the card or make up trivia cards and answers or play a charade game using the word cards.

Products of the sea
Equipment: Sets of products ( 3 to 6 ) that come from the sea or are made from things in the sea (food flyers and old magazines are a great resource) Glue pictures onto inside of old playing cards with the bluenose glued to the outside. How to play: Deal out 6 cards, the pile is placed in the centre of the table. Turn one over, ( That is the discard pile) Gather sets by trading. Picking from the deck or from the discard pile (must pick up the whole discard pile) The first to get 3 sets down wins. The deck can be reshuffled if no one gets 3 sets before it is gone through.

12. Hidden Obstacles at Sea
Equipment: blindfolds, list of noises for obstacles such as Lighthouse, blip, seal, clap, rushing water, etc.
How to play; 1 or 2 girls are blindfolded at one end of the room. The other girls become obstacles around the room fixed in place. Each has a particular noise she must make all the time. The blindfolded girls must make their way through the obstacles to the other end of the room without touching an obstacle. If she touches an obstacle they trade places. This can be played in the dark.

13. In Search of the Bluenose
Equipment: 1 Dime
How to play: Hide the Dime ( Bluenose) in the room and have everyone try to find it.
Variation: One person leaves the room, the others hide the dime (Bluenose). Then the person is asked to come back in and find the dime (Bluenose) All clap loud when she is close and soft when she is far off as clues to finding the Bluenose

14. Sink the Bluenose
Equipment: 3 to 6 balls (small and soft)
How to play: Girls stand with their legs spread apart in a large circle ( The Bluenoses) with one girl in the center (the storm) The girls (storm) in the center has a pile of balls. She must try to toss a ball through the legs of the girls in the circle (the bluenoses) They are allowed to jump and close their legs to avoid being sunk, but must open legs as soon as she turns away. Should a ball go through, they immediately trade places. If the center girl is not successful in sinking a bluenose after 6 balls, let someone else have a try.

15. Pirates attack the Bluenose
Equipment: Soft Ball
How to play: Girls are in a large circle (pirates). One girl (the Bluenose) is in the center. A ball is tossed back and forth across the circle to try and sink (touch, below the waist) the bluenose (The girl in the center). The pirate (girl from outer circle) who sinks the bluenose ( the girls in the center) changes places with her and becomes the next bluenose. This can be played in multiples.

16. Toss Games
Equipment: Dimes, Cups with potatoes drawn on them.
1. Toss the bluenose dime into the potato cup a far distance away. 2. Toss the Bluenose dime as close to a wall as you can, the winner in the closest in

17. Bowling Game
Potatoes dyed blue (cut a tiny piece of skin off of a potato and set it in a bowl of water with blue food colouring mixed in. Let it set until the potato soaks up the blue colouring. Plastic 1 l bottles with the bluenose ship stuck on them and point values. How to play> Play as you would a regular bowling game. Count points to see who won the game.