Bobbing for Apples and Variation


Bobbing for Apples

It certainly isn't a creative, new idea, but I wanted to suggest Bobbing For Apples. I think a lot of times this "traditional" Fall activity is overlooked because it's thought of as too messy. But I've done it for the past few years at Halloween time with my Brownies and the *love* it. It's one of the activities they always mention when we ask them what their favorite parts of being a Girl Scout are.

I use a big stock pot, apples with the stems removed, and *lots* of bath towels. I only put 3 or 4 apples in the pot at a time, and the rule is once you put your mouth on an apple, *that's* the one you keep going for.

As a bonus - the kids eat something healthy along with all that candy!

Sandy Keeney
Cadette Troop 497, Mid-Continent Council
Kansas City, MO

Here's an alternative to bobbing for apples in a pot of water: set up two tall stepladders and run a broom handle from one to the other, across the top steps. Then tie strings from the broom handle, and tie apples to the strings. Same effect, no mess!