Canada Day Scavenger Hunt

Helen Archibald
Pointe Claire, Quebec, CANADA

1. Find something you can bring back with the colour of red from the flag. NOT a flag!
2. Find the biggest Canadian flag around. Don't bring it back, tell us where it is!
3. Find something you could safely add to the bonfire.
4. Find someone wearing a Canadian flag. Bring him/her back, or describe him/her.
5. Find a Fleur de Lis flag. Tell us where it is.
6. Lots of booths are giving out free things. Bring us something! (You can keep it after).
7. Bring a wet rock from the river. Don't fall in!
8. Can you find a symbol anywhere BUT this booth? Tell us or show us!
9. Find a real maple leaf. Don't hurt the tree!
10. Pick up ONE piece of litter. Show us, & then put it in the trash!
11. Find an animal living in the park. Tell us, don't show us.
12. Find a wildflower. Don't pick it unless there are at least 10.

Bring back this paper FOR SURE!

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