Cocopot and Down by the Banks


Coco Pot and Down By the Banks:

These games are played in the same way. The girls sit in a circle with their left hand situated behind the right hand of the person next to them (consequently their right hand is behind the persons left hand on their right). One person begins and slaps the hand of the person to her left - and then it is passed on around the circle while singing the song. At the last word of the song, if your hand is hit you are out - if you are the one who's turn it is to pass on the hand slap, and they pull back their hand and you slap your own hand..then you are out. You keep going until there are two people left. Then they hold right hands and rotate them over and over (up down up down etc) and the person who ends the song on the bottom then asks "tricks or no tricks" The object is for that person with their hand on bottom to reach over and in 3 tries slap the hand of the person on top. If the person on top chooses "no tricks" then they cannot trick the person, if they choose "tricks" then the person on bottom can trick the person with their hand on top by "flinching" or tickling their palm etc.

The songs are:
Coco pot:

I live in a coco pot in Montana
Oh said the butterfly, me OH!
(the person is hit out on the last Oh!)

Down by the banks:

Down by the banks of the hanky panky
Where the bullfrog jumps from bank to banky
With an eeps ops opps ooh
Hey sock-a-dilly and a ding dong too
(the person is out on the "too")