Why Do Guiders Have to Pay Fees?

Marianne Mitchell
Guider 167th Nepean 'Andover' Rangers

My question to you is why do Guiders have to pay registration fees?

Guider pay registration fees because they are not only volunteering to help girls, they are also joining a National organisation (with Worldwide links!), and gaining all the benefits and opportunities associated with that membership. Some of these benefits include the Canadian Guider, travel opportunities, trainings (many of which are subsidized by various Guiding levels), great contacts and connections around the country and the world, and even simply the prestige of being able to put 'Member of Girl Guides of Canada' on your resume!

The breakdown of fees are:
$17.00 national
$5.50 area
$1.00 division
$2.50 district
$2.00 unit

If you feel this breakdown doesn't give the unit enough money, and District and/or Division can't afford to pass more money down to the units, then make a request to Area that they revise their budget to pass more money down to the Divisions, so that more will end up going to the girls. I don't remember the exact breakdown in our Division this year, but I know that the Division chose to pass an extra dollar down to the Districts with a recommendation that it be passed on to the units.

Shouldn't their registration be used to curve these costs?

If you don't have enough money at the beginning of the year to cover start up costs (patrol emblems, enrolment pins, etc) then maybe not enough money is being budgeted to be left in the unit at the close of the previous Guiding year. Try selling a few more cartons of cookies in the spring and set aside some extra $ to be left in your account in June to cover the start-up costs in Sept. As to needing money in the fall for trips, etc. there is always the minty cookie campaign. If you don't want the hassle of having your girls sell door-to-door, arrange to sell cookies in a local mall, grocery store, craft sale, or community event. (My Rangers are going to do this this year).

You could also have your District or Division plan an annual fundraiser, with proceeds either going to th eunits or split between the units and the District or Division.

And don't forget that you may also have income from unit dues! Apart from cookies, dues are the biggest source of income in our Ranger unit. We have the girls choose teh amount every year (its been $10 for about 7 years now), and they pay up front in September. 12 girls X $10 equals $120 -- plenty of money to cover insignia and a few small events!

I hope I've provided you with some solutions to your problem ... I know it isn't easy, and the registration fees can be a huge chunk of money in September. But then I look at it this way -- for a $28 registration fee I can be a Guider (with all its privileges, etc) for a whole year, plus by the time many of my trainings or activities are subsidized I have saved myself money! For example, my registration this year may cost $28 but I have already been to a weekend training which cost $90, for which I was reimbursed the entire amount! Granted, I will be using my newly acquired skills for the benefit of Guiding, but I will also have them for the rest of my life, in whatever else I do. So a month into the guiding year I'm already ahead of the game!