Fifty Reasons for becoming a Girl Scout Leader

Margaret A. B. Jones

Here is a copy of the 50 reasons that was posted to the WAGGGS-L mailing list recently. Why not adapt it for Girl Guides and your own unique situation(s)?

Dear Parents,
Tonight you are taking the opportunity to sign your daughter up for Girl Scouting. Congratulations. By joining Girl Scouts your daughter will be entering an organization with a tradition of helping girls to become self sufficient, productive members of society. Did you know that......

40% more Girl Scouts than non-Girl Scouts would not cheat on tests. 32% more Girl Scouts than non-Girl Scouts would refuse alcohol at a party. 60% fewer Girl Scouts than non-Girl Scouts would have sex with a steady boyfriend. 72% more Girl Scouts than non-Girl Scouts chose truth over peer loyalty. 70% of Girl Scouts say that the Girl Scout Promise and Law helped them make moral decisions.

No doubt tonight you have also been asked to consider leading a Girl Scout troop. In today's busy times, we know how large a comittment that may seem to you. But before you make your final decision, please take a look at the list below that will show you some of the ways that YOU may benefit by being the leader of a Girl Scout troop.

50 Good Reasons For Becoming a Girl Scout Leader

As a Girl Scout Leader you will......

1. Stay young by serving the young.
2. Share fun times with your daughter.
3. Meet other great leaders.
4. Make and eat s'mores.
5. Expand your own skills and talents.
6. Create memories.
7. Promote positive values in youth.
8. March in parades.
9. Get to know your daughter's friends.
10. Encourage girls to "Be Their Best."
11. Get lots of help.
12. Make a difference in others.
13. Dabble in a wide variety of subjects.
14. Sleep in museums.
15. Develop positive self esteem in girls and women.
16. Extend the sisterhood of Girl Scouting to all girls.
17. Grow by trying new things.
18. Make new friends.
19. Go horseback riding.
20. Help girls become well-rounded individuals.
21. Model leadership and initiative.
22. Get to know your daughter's friends' parents.
23. Make a contribution to your community.
24. Improve your resume.
25. Go beyond your own limitations.
26. Build wonderful memories.
27. Learn about other cultures.
28. Offer girls a haven away from the stress' and demands of every day life.
29. Try new things and go new places at a discount.
30. Network with other adults with similar interests.
31. Guide girls into adulthood in a positive manner.
32. Learn new skills.
33. Live life to the fullest.
34. Become known in your school as an active parent.
35. Experience the joy of a child's admiration.
36. Let your daughter see you in a new light.
37. Brush up on your organizational skills.
38. Teach girls life skills such as goal setting and budgeting.
39. Never miss out on girl scout cookies.
40. Enjoy the adventure of seeing a girl try something new.
41. Get to know your daughter's better.
42. Teach girls good values that will stay with them the rest of their lives.
43. Contribute to the well being of the girls in your neighborhood.
44. Sing around a campfire.
45. Give back to scouting what was given to you as a girl/boy scout.
46. Offer opportunities to the girls that they might not otherwise have.
47. Help girls become self sufficient.
48. Explore and encourage diversity in your community.
49. Make an impact on other's lives.
50. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!