Flower Pots

close to Belleville, Ontario, Canada
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A few years ago when I was deputy division commissioner I presented these to the district commissioners. I put everything in a flower pot, wrapped it with blue tissue and tied it with gold ribbon. I added the tag "Guiding Keeps us all Growing - a Survival Kit for District Commissioners" Each item was wrapped (if necessary) in saran wrap and the tag added. I am sure you could add many different items. Please send me suggestions. They were fun to make up and fun to give.

LIFESAVERS - To remind you of the many times others need help and we need theirs.
COTTON BALL - For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of your family and friends.
RUBBER BAND - A reminder to stay flexible.
SWEET AND SOUR CANDY - To help you appreciate the differences in others.
HAPPY FACE - Smiling not only increases your face value, it is contagious.
CANDLE - To remind you to share your light with others.
BAND-AID - For healing hurt feelings, yours and someone else's.
ERASER - To remind you that everyday you can start with a clean slate.
TYLENOL - Thanks for your continued support. I know this job can be a real headache.
STICKY TAPE - Thanks for "sticking" to it and holding the district together.
BATTERY - To give you that extra charge to keep going & going & going.
TEA BAG - take a few minutes to yourself and relax.
PIECE OF ROPE- for when you reach the end of your rope - this will keep you going a bit longer.
SPOON (plastic) - sometimes you have to stir things up a bit.
QUARTER - if you need a friend, call me.