Frisbee Frenzy

Mona Londaville
Watertown, NY

Divide your girls into two teams. One team is \u2018at bat' the other is \u2018outfield'.

The player at bat throws the frisbee and runs across the field, around the base (or stake) and back to home base. If someone in outfield catches the frisbee she is out.

If no one catches it out of the air, then the 1st person in the outfield team to reach it, picks it up and passes backwards, between her legs to the next member of her team, who passes it backwards through her legs to the next person and so forth, until each member of the outfield team has passed it back. The last person runs to the front of the outfield team line and holds the frisbee up. If the frisbee has travelled through the whole outfield team before the girl who was at bat arrives at home plate, then she is out.

If the girl reaches the base before the other team passes the frisbee, then her team gets a point.

Once three people are out, the teams change positions.

To recap: One girl (the batter) throws a frisbee out into the field. Then she runs out towards the field, around a stake and back to her starting spot.

If one of the girls in the outfield manages to catch the frisbee, the batter is out. If no one catches the frisbee, that team all runs towards it. The first girl to get there picks it up, and holds it behind her, through her legs. All the rest of her team lines up behind her, and the frisbee is passed back to the last person in line as fast as possible. This person runs with the frisbee to the front of the line, and holds the frisbee up over her head. If this maneuver is completed before the batter makes it back to her starting spot, then the batter is out. If not, then the batter has scored a point for her team.

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