Fruit Basket Upset and Variations

Game contributed by: Sally Garnaat
Support Systems Analyst
Dept. of Political Science
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona 85721

Fruit Basket Upset
When I was in scouts in the 60's we just to play Fruit Basket Upset. You try to have enough fruit names (or colors or whatever) to have 4-10 in each catagory. Everyone (but the person(s) in the middle) form a large circle. Make sure your catagories are spread out among the circle. Perhaps assign name/color/number/whatever after the circle is formed. The caller calls out a name/color/number/etc and everyone who has that id has to move to a different spot in the circle--an empty space created by someone else who has to change spaces. The person(s) in the middle tries to get to an empty spot before someone else. Sometimes you can call Fruit Basket Upset and *everyone* has to change spots.

Variation number one contributed by: Sallie Zeil
Virginia Beach, VA

I think this game goes by the name "Apple Woman" in one game book I've seen. You have a circle of chairs, one chair less than the number of players. Players are assigned to be an "apple", "banana" or "orange" (you can change this game, of course, to your theme - if it's Halloween you might have "Pumpkins", "Bats" and "Goblins", for instance.)

The person who is "it" stands in the center of the circle, with all other players sitting down. "It" calls out the name of a fruit; everybody who is that fruit must jump up, run to another empty chair and sit down. "It" also tries to get a seat while they are changing seats, so there "should" be a new "it" (the person left without a chair) each time. If "it" wants to, she can have *everybody* get up and change seats by calling "Fruit Basket Upset" (actually, we yell "Fruit Salad!" - at Halloween we'd yell "Trick or Treat!") It's a fun game for Brownies, one that involves a little running but can be played indoors in a large room, since the circle of chairs contains them.

Variation number two contributed by: Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

I have seen this done with the Four World Centers. First we played it by naming the Girls as the Our Chalet, Our Cabana, Sangam, and Pax Lodge. After they were used to that, we just yelled the country where that particular world center was located. To get everyone running, we yelled, THE WORLD! This was fun and is useful for teaching the locations of the world centers. To make it more difficult for the older girls, you could yell the year they were established, or the order in which they were established, or the person or people who established them (all details that I don't know!) Enjoy!