Group Juggling


Group Juggling

Have the group of girls stand in a circle. With guides you may wish to use 5 pieces of gauze, rather than 7 tennis balls. With Pathfinders and up you may wish to use the balls.

This is a good mixer and a good game that causes people to focus on a simple activity!

Begin with one ball. You may toss the ball to anyone in the circle, except for the first two people on your right and the first two people on your left.

Before you toss the ball, call the person's name. If you don't know the name of the person who you are tossing the ball to, ask them.

The same rules for ball tossing apply to them now, except that they may not toss the ball back to the person who tossed it to them, or to anyone who has already had a ball tossed to them.

So each person in the circle will have the ball tossed to them once, and once only.

When the ball arrives at the last person, they say the name of the very first person and gently toss the ball to her.

Practise this two or three times. After everyone is fairly proficient at this simple task, toss another ball. Do two or three balls one after the other.

After everyone has had a couple of tries with this, take a short break. Speak to the person beside you, ask them their whole name and where they'd like to go if they could take a vacation anywhere in the world! Then back to the game.

Once everyone is fairly proficient with three balls work your way up to 5 or 7. Then you have a couple of methods of making this even more difficult. You can go for speed, or you can keep adding balls. There are some strategies that you ought to see developing. Don't throw a ball until the person that you are throwing to is a) paying attention to you, b) has no other ball in their hands and c) is back from chasing a dropped ball! This requires a certain amount of trust, that the members of the team won't bean you with a ball!

Get a competition going to see how many times 7 balls can make it around the circle without any of them being dropped.