Guide Law Learning Game

Contributed by: Sue McLernon
16th Waterloo Guides
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I just remembered my favourite Guide law activity, another one that really improves understanding for all the girls.

Before the meeting, prepare a little: place a series of small objects in a paper bag (as many as there are girls, things like a bandaid, a photograph, a screwdriver, a hair barette, etc) and in an envelope place strips of paper with part of the law written on each one.

Each girl draws something from the bag and then something from the envelope. Her challenge is to think of a way she could use the object to follow the part of the Guide law which is written on her slip of paper. After a few minutes of thinking time, have the girls explain their choices for everyone to hear.

For example, last year we had a girl who picked a bandaid, and drew "The Guiding Law challenges me to...use my resources wisely." Her solution: she would try to find the most economical and environmentally-friendly bandaid when shopping for bandaids.

This is a good activity for having the older girls help the younger ones, it is is amazing how creative they can be!