Hallowe'en Service Project

Cadet Guider, District Guider, Trainer
Quebec City, Canada

In past years the guiders have argued whether to have a party or not, all together and do some bridging, or just each unit on its own, etc. I suggested that instead of the girls always "getting", maybe it's time they do some giving. Now, every Halloween, the District dresses in costume or uniform and we all go down to the senior's home and so some skits, singing and otherwise entertaining. Most of the girls are military and are not fortunate to have their grandparents around so this is a wonderful way to retain the contact with our wiser bunch of citizens. After 20 minutes of singing, etc. the girls pass out small crafts to decorate their rooms, edible snacks to those that may, and the girls sit and talk with the seniors and learn alot about their day to day lives. Some of the older girls will accompany a nurse and visit people in their rooms that are bedridden. All in all, we spend about 2 1/2 hours there and the girls really look forward to it. We were also going during Christmas, but it seems everybody does it, so we keep it special and go at Halloween.

Any other service projects out there that are different from the norm?