Hallowe'en Stunt

Wendy Baker
I love Halloween, Among Other Things.
Campbellford, Ontario, Canada

A Halloween Stunt

(This game should only be used with older children. Even then it would be well to guard against any child being unduly frightened.) Dim the lights so that no one can see clearly. Have a helper stand at each end of a row of children. The leader using a flashlight, reads a story about a woman named Brown. As she reads, parts of the body are passed by the helpers. The players pass the articles from one to the other until the helper at the other end gets them. The reader pauses long enough each time for the articles to pass the full length of the line, before reading the next item.

Once upon a time in this very town,
Lived a miserly woman whose name was Brown.

Alack and alas, on a Halloween night
She was terribly murdered because of spite.

And ever since then she has roamed the earth
To warn and to haunt the place of her birth.

Tonight we have some of her restless remains,
So we'll make you acquainted at once with her.......brains.
(Wet sponge)

And now your shuddering touch will know,
The victim's hair has continued to grow.
(Corn silk, yarn or old wig)

She heard too well the tinkle of gold,
It's powerful ear that now you hold.
(Dried apple or dried peach)

Her hand is clammy, cold and still
No longer can it shoot to kill.
(Rubber glove filled with cold oatmeal)

Her eyes were small, but very keen,
Though the kind deed of earth they've never seen.
(peeled grape)

She talked a lot when she was young,
Now you're feeling of her tongue.
(A raw oyster)

She was sly and cruel from the start,
So now you'll feel her bleeding heart.
(A piece of raw liver)

The tendons which helped her strong right arm
We pass to you, keep them from harm. (Cooked spaghetti)

The meals she ate were coarse and dry,
So her teeth were strong, they never die. (Kernels of corn)

But wait! She comes and stands within.
She's hunting for some friend or kin
Listen closely and above her moans
You'll hear the rattle of her bones.

(A ghost moves slowly though the darkness rattling a bunch of clothespins tied together loosely. Exits with a moan. Lights on!)

I am looking forward to doing this with my Pathfinders this year, it has been 3 years since I last did it and none of them were Pathfinders with me then...