Human Agriculture

Winifred McGee
Leader, Cadette GS Troop 1957

Human Agriculture

First plant five rows of peas:


Next plant three rows of squash:

Squash gossip
Squash destructive criticism
Squash indifference

Then plant five rows of lettuce:

Let-us be faithful to duty
Let-us be unselfish
Let-us be loyal
Let-us be true to obligations
Let-us show love to one another

And no garden is complete without turnips:

Turn-up for important meetings
Turn-up with a smile
Turn-up with good ideas
Turn-up with determination to make everything good and worthwhile.

Plant this garden and watch YOURSELF grow.

It originally came from the Barre Bugle (which I'm guessing is near Wilkes Barre, PA) but I am using a copy of this, with clip art, as a kick-off handout for my Cadette troop come fall.