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You are receiving this message because someone loves you. Please mark your calenders and PASS THIS ON to everyone you know.


May 1st is International Random Acts Of Kindness and Senseless Acts Of Beauty Day.

Imagine if there were an outbreak of kindness in the world and everybody on the planet did one kind thing on a daily basis.
00:00 (midnight) GMT, May 1, 1997 begins a worldwide 24 hours of kindness. Wear something with a heart on it to show your support.

Join billions of fellow human beings as we spontaneously do those fellow human beings as we spontaneously do those little sweet or or grand lovely things we do for no other reason than to make the world a kinder, more beautiful place.

*The next toll-booth you come to, pay for a car behind you.
*Send a thank you letter to a teacher you once had, letting him or her know the difference they made in your life.
*Ask an older person to tell you a story about his or her youth.
*Order a mail-order gift, anonymously, for a friend or co-worker.
*Give another driver your parking spot.
*Let someone merge ahead of you on the freeway, smile and wave at them.
*Open the phone book, select a name at random and send that person a greeting card.
*Write a note to the boss of someone who has helped you, thanking him or her for having such a great employee.
*Buy a bag of groceries and leave it on a doorstep in a poor neighborhood.
*Praise the work or attitude of a co-worker to someone else in the office.
*Write a note to the owner of a house or garden in your neighborhood whose beauty gives you pleasure.
*Say "I love you" to twenty different people for whom it's true.

It's not about the spending money or buying expensive gifts. This is an opportunity for anonymous service and selfless giving. The gift is in your good intention.

Moment by moment throughout the day people will be risking becoming significant. Time zone by time zone, country by country outbreaks of kindness will sweep across the planet, following the course of the sun, potentially touching every single human being with gratitude and love.

You received this message because someone loves you. Please mark your calenders and pass this on to everyone you know. And start practising your acts of kindness and beauty right that which comes to you as a seed gets passed on as a blossom, and that which comes to you as a blossom gets passed on as fruit...

"A hint is something we often drop but rarely pick up"

you are capable of greater things than you realize....