Marble Grab

Submitted by:
Susan Cokley
Point Danger Guides

Marble Grab

Players: Two teams... doesn't matter if they are uneven. All players must be barefoot.

Equipment: Three lipped plates or bowls (one of which has to be at least big enough to put a foot into). A whole heap of marbles (at least 20).

To Play:
The bowl (largish) with the marbles are positioned in the centre with the two empty plates at equal distances opposite each other. Each team lines up behind their empty plate. At the word go one person from each team walks (or runs) to the bowl in the centre and attempts to pick up as many marbles in her toes as possible. She can use both feet if she likes. She then has to get those marbles back to her team's plate. If she drops any she can't pick them up (unless they bounce out of the plate which can happen). When the first player has dropped off her marbles, the second player repeats the process. Continue until there are no more marbles left in the centre bowl. Players can run many times as long as they continue to run in turn and there are marbles left in the bowl.

The winner is the team with the most marbles in their bowl.

The game feels so good on your feet. Its a good idea to have at least one person to catch the stray marbles and put them back into the centre bowl.