What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario

What Time Is It Mr Wolf?

One person is "it" - Mr Wolf. Mr. Wolf stands at one end of the gym, or field with her back turned to the other children. The other kids stand at the far end of the gym or the field, and they chant, loudly, in unison, "What time is it, Mr Wolf?"

Mr. Wolf answers with different times, for example, "It's one o'clock!"

The other children take a step for every hour that Mr. Wolf exclaims that it is. So, for one o'clock, they take one step toward Mr. Wolf's back. For seven o'clock, they take seven steps. And they count out loud in unison as they take the steps. It is up to them whether they take large or small steps.

Eventually, Mr. Wolf will announce, "Lunch time!!" She will then turn around and chase the children who have been approaching her from behind. Any that she tags, become Wolves themselves. Any that run back to the beginning without being tagged get to ask what time is it, and play the game again.

Any new wolves, do the chasing with the original wolf in subsequent lunch times, and any girls who weren't tagged before who are tagged by either the original wolf, or new wolves become wolves themselves.

This is a fast paced, fun game.