Ten Needs

An anthology of inspirational material, for use in putting together "Scouts Own" ceremonies

compiled by:
Neil Savage
Exeter, New Hampshire
Digital Equipment Corporation
Maynard, Massachusetts

1. To climb a mountain and to look afar.

2. To sit around an ember campfire, with good friends.

3. To test your strength and skill, on your own.

4. To be alone with your own thoughts and with God.

5. To be ready to reach out and find the hand of an understand- ing adult, ready and willing to help.

6. To have a code to live by-easily understood and fair.

7. A chance to play hard, just for the fun of it-and to work hard for the thrill of it.

8. To have a chance to fail-and know why.

9. To have and to be a good friend and to have a chance of proving both.

10.To have a hero, and a vision to measure her by.