If Each Note of Music

An anthology of inspirational material, for use in putting together "Scouts Own" ceremonies

compiled by:
Neil Savage
Exeter, New Hampshire
Digital Equipment Corporation
Maynard, Massachusetts

If each note of music were to say,
"One note does not make a symphony"
There would be no symphony

If each word were to say,
"One word does not make a book"
There would be no book

If each brick were to say,
"One brick does not make a wall"
There would be no wall

If each drop of water were to say,
"One drop does not make an ocean"
There would be no ocean

If each seed were to say,
"One seed does not make a field of corn"
There would be no harvest

If each one of us were to say,
"One act of love cannot save mankind"
There would never be justice and peace on earth

Begin now, why are you waiting?

- Michael Quoist