Night Lines

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario Canada

This game must be played outdoors at night. It must be dark!

Equipment needed:

Each team must have a flashlight

The person leading the game must have made up before hand, 8 cards per team, with a design on the card in light reflecting tape. The designs could be three lines, 2 triangles, 4 rectangles, one circle, etc.

Maptack or laminate the cards in advance as well so as to be able to use the game again!


I'd say Guides and up.


The cards must be hidden, in a certain area while no one else is watching.

The rules:

Each team is assigned a kind of card that they are looking for.

The boundaries of the game must be described to all the players.

Each team sends out one member at a time, with the flashlight to find, and bring back one of their cards. (At that time they may find cards of the other teams; just leave them undisturbed.)

When the first team member finds one card, they return and hand the flashlight over to the next member of their team, who hands the flashlight over to the next team member when they find one card etc.

The first team to find all their cards wins.

This was a lot of fun. The Guider who set it up for us, had put all the cards at ground level on snow, so the white background of the card did not show up. Black cards would work quite well too. The cards were about 5x7, so recipe cards could be used, and I believe that you can buy the reflective tape at Canadian Tire.

Have a good time!

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