Night Stalking and Daring Rescue Game

Julie Hawke
695th Toronto Girl Guides

The idea was that you had to rescue a member of your patrol (we used a stuffed scarcrow named "Hank", maybe you could get some uniform pieces from an army surplus store and call it "Corporal Hank" or something) who has been taken prisoner.

Hank is in a prisoner of war camp well behind enemy lines, which is heavily guarded by armed guards (leaders with flashlights). Each girl gets a "stick" (a popcicle stick), which is her "life". If they are caught by the flashlight beam, they must give the leader their stick and then they have to lay down and wait to get rescued by team members who have to assist her back to the "field hospital" where she can get a new "life" from the "doctor" (another leader).

Once they get to Hank, they have to get him back over enemy lines and back to the field hospital. If they get caught carrying Hank, they have to leave him where they were "shot" by the flashlight, and wait to be rescued. Depending on the age and number of your girls, you can make it more difficult, by say, adding a physical barrier at the enemy line (we had a four foot fence to climb) or giving Hank an injury, like a broken leg, which they have to perform first aid on before they can move him.

This game is a great for teaching stalking skills because they have to go undected and is good for teaching team work, because it is hard to carry Hank alone, and those "hurt" need help getting to the doctor. Remind the girls at the start of the game that a good solider never leaves a friend injured in battle, and that if they come across someone who is "hurt" they have to take them back to the hospital, they can't just keep going.

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