Parachute Games

Wendy Baker
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Parachute Games

Popcorn: Place a number of beanbags on the chute. Shake the chute to make them rise like popcorn.

Poison Snake: Place four to six jump ropes on the chute. By shaking the chute, try to make them hit the players on the other side. Keep track of who gets bitten.

Put the pompoms in the middle. Sprinkle various sized pompoms in the top of the shoot and try to get them into the middle pocket. You could have teams with different colours and count how many they get in.

Shaking the Rug and Making Waves: Shaking rug involves rapic movement either light or heavy. Making waves are large movements to send billow of cloth up and down like waves. Waves can be small, medium or large. Girls can alternate turns to see who can make the best waves.
Merry go Round: Turn the body so that the chute is hled with only one hand, walk, hop, jump, skip around holding the chute. It looks like a merry-go-round.

Margaret A. B. Jones
Valois-Dorval, Quebec

More Parachute Games

W A V E: - where one person puts hands up and person next to her follows action. (like the wave at a baseball game)

CATHEDRAL - everyone lowers the chute and then on the count of three raise their arms high once the chute is quite high - everyone takes 3-4 giant steps toward the center and pulls the chute behind them and sit down with their bottoms on the edge of the chute.

Cat and mouse (although some might find this dangerous - just make sure the cat is crawling on all fours and not running upright) One girl - the mouse - is under the chute, everyone is shaking it - quite close to the ground and another girl (shoes off) crawls on top and tries to hunt and tag the mouse.

The Ocean: We try to let everyone who wants to have a turn 'in the ocean'. Everyone is standing and one or two girls (shoes off) go toward the center and lie down - then we all make waves - it's a neat sensation.

Merry Go Round Variation: It is also neat to let one lie in the middle and go for a ride - when everyone is holding with one arm and facing the same direction and walking.

Running by Numbers: If the chute is a large one...the girls love to run underneath and switch places with others - could number them 1 through 5 around the circle- and then call out a number. (Lots of screams for this one.)