Pathfinder's Year Long Service Projects

Each year our Pathfinders choose a charity for year-long initiatives. Last year they picked the local Women's Shelter. A representative came out to discuss violence against women etc and help them decide on things to do that would help. At Christmas the Pathfinders assisted with the Christmas party the shelter puts on for the children in residence. Later in the year the Pathfinders organized a district wide food drive for the shelter. They attended every unit in the district and explained the need, then arranged to return about three weeks later and collect the food and deliver it to the shelter on behalf of our district.

Interestingly, this year they chose the local animal shelter for their year long service project. One meeting they made toys for the cats and blankets for the dogs cages. At Christmas they assisted with "Paws for Claus" a fundraiser organized by the shelter (people bring their pets to get their pictures taken with Santa - I'm not lying!). The girls were a bit disappointed because you have to be 18 to actually be involved with the animals so their job was to sell raffle tickets. Still Santa's elves but not really the same.

It has been interesting to see the girls' reaction to their year long initiatives. A big piece of this is their group decision-making process of choosing the charity and activities to go with it. Speaking for my daughter, initially she was very excited about the animal shelter idea, but now she feels that their time would have been better put towards helping people, not animals, and the work they did with the Women's Shelter was much more satisfying.