Pause and Reflect

Quebec City

Pause and Reflect

Everyone received a cracker - you know, the ones you get at Christmas, pull the ends and it "cracks" open and cute trashy stuff flies out. I made my own crackers - toilet paper rolls covered in tissue paper I had stamped with a potato with blue trefoils as a design. I purchased the cracker strips from White Rose and with the strip I also included the following items:

piece of string
lemon candy
piece of blank paper
paper clip
small rock
pennant (toothpick and paper)
small candle
yellow stars
blue star

Once everyone had the cracker opened and collected the items that flew into their neighbour's plate, I read this:

Pause and Reflect

Use this kit to pause and reflect on the wealth of gifts you are given through Guiding.

1. Slip the string on your finger to remind yourself of how much you are secretly appreciated.

2. Unwrap the lemon candy and place it in your mouth. As you suck on it, remind yourself of all the girls who may have a "sour" outlook on life, but who are really sweet within; Guiding helps bring the sweetness out.

3. The blank paper is to remind you of the need to plan far more than you actually use so you can make the most of the brief time you have with the girls.

4. Clip the paper clip to the blank paper and think of it as a reminder of the organization it takes to pull off a well-run Guiding program.

5. Use the band-aid to remind you of the girl who has come to you wounded and is in need of healing through caring and respect.

6. Take out the rock and rub it in your hand, knowing that you are gently smoothing its rough places, just as you help the girls smooth out the rough spots in their lives.

7. Wave the pennant with the SOS to remind you of all the willing team members around you who will give you a hand, from other Guiders to Advisors to Commissioners.

8. Hold the match and the candle and think about how they must work together to create a flame, just as we as leaders work with the girls to spark and nurture their interest in the world around them through knowledge, adventure, caring and love.

9. Take out the little yellow stars - remember that each one is a shining light in its own way, and keep in mind that both you and the girls are essential to an enthusiastic and rewarding program.

10. Lastly, take the blue star and attach it to your book where you'll be able to see it each day, reminding you that you are the most important link between the girls and the entire Guiding Organization.


Of course, everyone said they wanted a copy and I gave each of them a scroll rolled up and tyed with colored ribbon, according to the unit they represented, and attached was a little lace hat with ribbon, flower and pearl attached. A good "keeper" craft.

Hope you enjoy it.