Peter and Paul (and Variation)

Submitted by:
Jane Maddin
aka EmJay
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans, Ontario, Canada
Guide Zone Gatherer of Games and Inspiration

Peter and Paul

This is a game for older girls and does not require any equipment! You may use chairs in a circle, or around a table if you wish. The girls sit in a circle. One girl is Peter. The girl to her left is Paul. To the left of Paul the girls number off. I am going to use 9 girls to illustrate the game. So there is Peter, with Paul on her left and one, to the left of Paul, two to the left of one, three to the left of two and so forth, until seven is to the left of six, and on the right of Peter. The object of the game is to get to be Peter, or to stay Peter!

How this works. Play a couple of practise rounds, so that everyone has the idea. Peter starts each round. Each person must say their own number (or name, in the case of Peter and Paul) and then call someone else by number. There can be no stumbling, hesitations or wrong numbers. (All the numbers used are examples. In the first round, Peter may call anyone she wishes! But I have to use some numbers as examples for the purpose of explanation!)

So Peter starts the game by saying, "Peter calls two."
Two must immediately reply with, "Two calls three."
And three must immediately say, "Three calls Paul."
And then Paul says, "Paul calls Peter."

If someone messes up her name or number, or forgets who she is, or can't get the words out - she takes Seven's spot. Let's say that it is Four who stumbles. Four becomes Seven and takes Seven's spot. Seven moves to Six's spot and becomes Six, Six becomes Five and Five becomes Four. Three, Two, One, Paul and Peter are unaffected by this move, because their number is lower than Four. Since the object is to become Peter, you need to engage Peter in this process a fair amount, so as to get her confused or tongue tied. This game was a blast and was taught to me by Denise, the Division Commissioner of Eastbrooke Division, Ottawa Area at a training at MacSkimming.


Submitted by:
Margaret Fraser
15th Dartmouth Brownies
Nova Scotia, Canada

When I was a Guide in Sydney in 1978 or so we played this game, only it was called "Matthew, Mark, Luke and John", and the last person, at the end of the line, was the devil. It was a great game - I remember we always wanted to play it.