Picky Eater's Game

Lisa Naples
Asst. Brownie Leader 1638, Neighborhood Fall Products Manager
(aka Head Nut)
New Urban Valley Neighborhood
Penn Laurel Girl Scout Council

Picky Eater's Game

Instead of popcorn, we used index cards with different foods on it.

The way we played it, the girls were lined up single file, and they would count off, until they reached 5 and start over, until everyone had a number.

The food was sprinkled over the ground. Each number was told what it was allowed to eat.

1 - could only eat bugs
2 - could only eat bugs & leaves
3 - could only eat bugs, leaves & flowers
4 - could only eat bugs, leaves, flowers and small animals
5 - could eat anything.

After the food is on the ground, the numbers are called out randomly for the girls to go and find their food. (I think we limited everyone to 3 cards each). Once they had their food cards they were to sit down.

We also changed the numbers around so that everyone had the chance of being the "picky" eater or an animal who ate everything.

The girls enjoyed this game very much.

The point of the game was to show one of the ways animals become extinct. Picky eaters (the ones) were limited by what they could eat. (Another point - don't be a picky eater).
[Editor's note: To extend this game to younger girls, use pictures on the cards. To extend it to real life, limit the numbers of cards based on drought, etc.]