Scientific Swaps (Hat Crafts)

Contributed by:
Elizabeth Kilcullen
Freedom Valley Girl Scout Council
Valley Forge, PA
Program and Adult Trainer

Any kind of 'scientific equipment' can be made with 'Shrink It'.

A film container could have a bubble mixture in it, with a plastic canvas bubble and glued to the lid of the of the container.

Small 'ziplock' baggies (from craft or fabric stores) about 1 1/2 x 2 inches with a 'dab' of iron filings and a small piece of magnet (either, small purchased, or even cheaper a small piece cut from magnet sheets from the office supply store). A pin could be pinned through the top of the bag and the magnet will stay 'attached' to the bag because of the attraction of the filings. It is fun to see the movement of the filings by passing the magnet under the filings.

Small spinning tops can be made from poster board and the pointed end of wooden skewers. A pattern could be drawn on the posterboard top to make it a Benham's wheel, a spiral, 'pie pieces' of various color combination, etc. Two small pin holes should be placed near the edge, opposite or across from each other, one for the pin, the other just for balance when the pin is removed and the top is spun.

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