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Wendy Baker
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Here is a form of getting to know you game that I have used with Guides and Pathfinders: This one is set up for Pathfinders but can be adapted:


This is an activity that is used as a mixer to get people to interact when they meet for the first time. It can be short, only one activity, given to a group of people, such as a 15 minute activity ( give everyone a piece of newsprint and ask them to design a hat and a song on the theme of the meeting or activity) Then they each take turns performing with their hats on.

Or it can be used at the beginning of camp to have the girls get to know each other, it is a self directed activity so the leaders just need to be there to observe, etc.

This example was for a Pathfinder sleep out, and took 1 hour to complete:


Pass the envelope around so that everyone can draw one puzzle piece. The number on the puzzle marks each girl's turn to be leader of an activity. Keep your puzzle piece for another activity.


Pass the envelope along so everyone gets a package of beads ( different colour for each person)

Hand out the shoe cut outs, pins and embroidery thread.

Have each group sit in two lines facing each other with feet touching.

Then have each person carry on a conversation with the person facing you. Tell about yourself. Where you are from, birthdate, favourite colour etc. Then exchange bead with that person thread it onto your shoe, and move down line to your right to next person and do the same thing until you have exchanged all your beads. Use the pin provided to pin your shoe to your shirt.


You are going to play a game. Keep seated on the floor as in activity number 2. Blow up one of the balloons provided in the envelope. This game is called balloon football. You do not use your feet, but your hands. Remain seated with your feet touching at all times. The leader of this activity serves the balloon and the players on one side try to get the balloon to fall behind the players on the other side etc. Have fun. 10 MINUTE TIME LIMIT ON THIS GAME.


On the coloured construction paper provided draw a quick sketch of the country noted on your envelope. Then cut out the shape. Do not write the name of the country on your card. The others will have to guess the country at the end of this activity. Tape your country to the wall.

Now make up a limerick to finish this line:

There once was a Pathfinder from ________________________



Using your puzzle pieces put your section together and take it to the table provided in the centre of the room to be incorporated into a big puzzle.


Using the instruction sheet and the newspaper provided have each girl make a noise maker and using the straws and shredded paper make a "fire cracker" each to be used for the next activity.

I get my ideas from trainings, and from games books at the library.