Sparks and Brownie Level Service Projects

Bev. Graham
159 Ottawa Brownies

Sparks went to a senior's place here and we had made little felt butterflies that they glued small pieces of cut up (different colours) felt.

We regularly make just a little thing for Meal on Wheels. A cookie cutter shape stamped (use regular stamp pad) on the sheets of foam or traced on felt, and add eyes, and other stuff to decorate and you have fish, teddy bears, bunnies, etc. We made a pom pom man with eyes and green foam hand and feet for St. Patrick's Day. We have made book-marks, cards, wrapped cookies (girl guide ones of course) in pink clear plastic with pink ribbon to tie it.

Our Brownies have bridged with Sparks a couple of times this year to do Service.

We made finger puppets for the local Children's Hospital. I could send you a pattern. The Brownies used the glue guns (with the help of the leaders and a couple of Guides) and had sparkles, the Sparks had white glue and coloured markers (and help if they needed it, of course). All the girls know about the Children's Hospital, and most had been there, so the Service made sense to them.

We also had Sparks with us when we went to help sell the District's cookies at a local mall. Both Sparks and Brownies knew that the cookies we sold door-to-door were for "us", but the cookies we sold at the mall were to help with sending people to camp, paying for space rental, etc. etc. I've always assumed that Service to the wider Guiding community counts too.