Used Postage Stamps Project

This is the information I have about the postage stamps. It was sent to the Guiding mailing list last March...

---------- Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind is collecting used stamps.

Here's how you can "lick" the problem of what to do with those old stamped envelopes. By saving used stamps for Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind you can help us "stamp" our way to a profitable future. Cut or tear the stamps from the envelope (but not too close). Then either drop them off at our training Centre, or put them in an envelope and mail them to:

Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind
4120 Rideau Valley Drive North
P.O. Box 280
Manotick, Ontario K4M 1A3 (613-692-7777).

CGDB collects all types of used stamps: special issues, regular stamps, Canadian and foreign stamps. Thank you! We have been asked to provide further information for our contributors about the stamps we collect. When you tear off the stamp please leave at least 1/4" of paper around the stamp. This protects the perforations. If these are damaged the stamp is worthless. There is no need to include the postmark. We sort the stamps into 3 main groups: Canadian, U.S., International (i.e. other countries). There are 2 sub-groups: off-paper stamps (these are usually from an album and can be easily damaged), stamps from smaller countries, e.g. Malta, Iceland, Greenland, Fiji. There is greater potential value in stamps of high values (e.g. $5 and 5 pound UK) and for stamps in groups.

Metered postage is of no value as there is no actual stamp. This also applies to the printed stamp on air letters.

A stamp has no value if it has: damaged perforations, been torn or creased, a very black cancellation mark, a ball point or pencil mark - done to cancel the stamp, scotch tape or any other paper on the stamp. Some foreign air letters may have stamps all over the, just send them in "as is". We have had a great response to the stamp drive, keeping us really busy. Our thanks to all our contributors for their continuing support. Yours sincerely, Volunteer Stamp Collection Group For the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. -----------------

I know that there's a collection box for these stamps at the Willow Bluffs Area Guide Shoppe, as well as at the Guide House in Ottawa, Ontario. I'm sending our stamps to a friend in Ottawa who will take them into the Guide Shop for me (thanks, Jane!). If you're in Canada, I would suggest asking at your local Guide Shop, as it seems to be a fairly wide-spread project. If you're outside, there's an address in the above message to contact....

If you'd like to mail them to me, you may and I'll take them into the Ottawa Area Guide Shop for you. If you include a brief description of where the stamps have been collected from I'll let them know that too!

My snail mail is:
Jane Maddin
1525 Bourcier Drive
Orleans, Ontario
K1E 3J7