Survival Kit

Quebec City

Here is a Survival Kit I either give out to leaders on enrollment or I give them a list of items and they bring them in and during enrollment I have them hold them up and give the explanation. The girls really love to see their leaders go through the paces, much like they do. Again, I can't remember where I read this, so someone else gets the credit.


KLEENEX To wipe away the tears that may come with each lesson.

BAND-AID To cover and heal the little hurts that occur from time to time.

BUTTON To keep your shirt on, when you become impatient.

CANDLE It is not necessary to blow out another's light in order to let your own shine.

PAPER CLIP This is to help you hold it together.

YARN To remind you that you must be able to reach down to do some things.

PIN To remind you that you are only useful when pointed in the right direction.

STAR Keep up the good work! There will be stars in your crown.

MATCH To help you through the darkness of uncertainty.

SANDPAPER To help you file away the rough spots of the year.

ERASER We all make mistakes, but they can always be corrected.

RUBBER BAND To remind you to give of yourself, and be flexible.

CAR DECAL To promote the Guiding spirit wherever the road may lead you.


And that goes for all of you out there - have a great Guiding year and God Bless!