Thank You for Being a Leader

Jane Maddin
1st Orleans Pathfinders
Orleans Ontario
Gatherer of games and inspiration at the Guide Zone

Thank You for Being a Leader

I thought I would share a poem that the Deputy District Commissioner dropped off for each of our Pathfinder Unit's Guiders tonight. It is attached to a bag containing a match, a birthday candle, an elastic, a paperclip, a bandaid, a hard candy and a button.

It's that time to pause and reflect
And look at the year in retrospect.

A problem or two arose here and there
Not one went unconquered because you care.
You gave your best to the world of Girl Guides,
Our "promise" upheld with a strong sense of pride.

But maybe, just maybe, you grew rather weary,
And wondered if you could remain bright and cheery.
If so... open this packet, it's a small compensation
For damages done, use without reservation.

The bandaid you use to heal the small hurt
If someone to you got a little bit curt.
The match you then strike up, this friendship renew,
Touch the match to the candle, let more light shine through.
And why the rubber band, you're ready to ask,
Flexibility and giving it means, for each task.

Next, a small paper clip is in this bag too.
"Together" it keeps it all for you.
The candy... you guessed it... is to sweeten your day
"Cause we know you'll keep sharing your love through May"

Whether leader, committee member, or one who consults,
You are ever concerned to get best results.
With thanks, many thanks, Queenswood bursts with pride,
The button we popped is contained inside.
Now keep or use this survival kit small,
And we hope to see you back in the fall!

Thank you for being a leader!