The Wind Blows West


The Wind Blows West:

Everyone stands in a circle their spot designated by a piece of paper or something that can be stood on (or you could use chairs sitting down).

One person in the middle and says, 'The wind blows west for everyone who holds something in common. (ie: everyone with brown hair, everyone with an older brother, everyone who is wearing red etc. etc.). Then everyone who fits this catagory has to run accross the circle to a newly vacant square (NO running to your neighbor's spot).

The person in the middle also tries to take a new spot so someone else winds up in the middle. The part that the person in the middle says that the wind blows west for has to apply to them (for example a Junior Girl Scout could not say the wind blows west for everyone who is a Brownie, but if that Junior had been a Brownie she could say, 'The wind blows west for anyone who has ever been a Brownie.'