Why I'm a Girl Scout Leader

From the Suncoast Beacon

Brought to you via Neil Savage's "Appreciating Girl Scout/Guide Volunteers" Compilation

I'm not a Girl Scout Leader for the easy hours, high pay, parents' gratitude, power or prestige. I'm a leader because I want the world for your daughter and mine - a world she can share and help shape; a world of love and laughter where she can show compassion.

I want her to look at the stars, a sunrise, the work and world of man-to feel its beauty insider herself.

I want to help her learn to finish anything she starts and do it well, and to guide her to know her worth with a deeper understanding of herself.

I want to shape women who have strength of character and are sensitive to the needs of others.

I want them to be the best they can be-whether as career women or as homemakers; wives and mothers who are the heart of the family.

In giving of myself and my time, I reap rewards far beyond what I give. I receive for my children and future generations a better world.

I'm a Girl Scout Leader because I care.