Building Projects

Kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides
Kingston ON

Marble Route - Another good one is having a old clothes rack and a bunch of recycled goods such as tubes, bottles, cardboard, paper, elastics, tape, glue, etc. and tell the girls that they have to build a way for the marble to get from the top of the rack to the bottom. There aren't any more instructions--- just go to it!

Bridges - Build a bridge out of popcycle sticks ---- this is neat but takes a really long time.

Airplane - As well, you could give a group of girls the same things in a bag and they'd have to make an airplane or whatever out of it.... it can't be a projectile. And then have competitions with it, on whose flies the futherest, the funniest, shortest, etc. We were given newspaper, a paper roll, a wooden spool, a piece of string, some tape, and i think that's it.....

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