Marbled Paper

Kristen Byrnes
8th Kingston Guides
Kingston ON

Some other suggestions: marbled paper.... we've done this at camp and it looks really cool. Take a fairly large container of water, something like a dish pan, so that at least one piece of paper can lie flat in it. Now there are several ways of adding the oil paints (liquid) to the water. The best method I saw was placing a bit on a small piece of paper and moving the paper around the surface of the water. Several colours can be added. We've also dropped the paint directly into the water but it takes alot longer for it to re-surface. Swirl the paints around so it looks like paisley or marble on top and lie a piece of paper on the water surface. Gently pull the paper off and allow to dry. My guides made Mother's Day cards out of them, but you could make bookmarks, writing paper, cards, etc. This shows emulsions (in case anyone was wondering about the science content).

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