Rocket Ship Building - A Recycled Craft

Cecile Willert
2nd Greenwood Guides
Ajax, Ontario

At our fall camp, we had a 60's theme (selected by our girls). Part of our program centered around the space exploration of the 1960's with the first American in space and the first man on the moon. I printed out some pictures of Mercury, Gemini and Apollo rockets and a Lunar module - one copy of each for each team. Each of our leaders collected an assortment of miscellaneous recyclable materials. We carted all this stuff up to camp with us (blue box and all) -- then carted the leftovers back for recycling. It was worth it! The girls had a "blast". Here's what to do.

1. Divide your group into teams.

2. Gather an assortment of recyclable materials together. Some good choices are tin cans of all sizes, aluminum pie plates, aluminum foil, aluminum anything, boxes of assorted sizes, tubes of all dimensions and thin cardboard. Split the materials fairly evenly between the teams. Each team should have more or less the same items.

3. You'll also need at least one roll of packing tape per team, scissors for cutting the tape and thick markers. (We never thought of this -- but the girls all wanted to name their rockets).

4. Don't forget the camera.

5. If you want, you can kick off your race to the moon with a brief note about the Soviet/American space race. You can provide some rocket ship pictures or let them imagine their own.

Our guides built 2 space ships. One tall, thin, sleek, foil covered rocket and one shorter, more stubby space module with soup can blast rockets out the bottom. Our mission was a huge success and counted as a recycled craft for our program work for "My Horizons".

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