Christmas Angels

Kathy Stephan



Add dab of glue to one end of glitter stem and insert into one of the 25mm paddlewheel beads. Thread on the following; the other 25mm bead, 3 18mm beads, 2 12mm beads and the wood face bead. Bend surplus glitter stem sticking out of wood face bead into circle to form halo. Glue on sequin leaves towards the back for the wings. Fold piece of floral wire in half leaving a small loop large enough to insert ornament hanger. Add glue to ends and insert into top of wood bead. After you have done one or two to get familiar with how it is put together , these can be done in 5 minutes for each.

* Paddlewheels are also called cartwheels or starflakes depending upon the manufacturer. For Xmas I usually do white or crystal, but you can do them in almost any color. I have used the green to make "Green Angels" as favors for the end of the year recognition dinners.

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