Crochet Cotton Angels

Jane Maddin
GuideZone Co-ordinator of Games and Inspiration

How about crochet cotton angels. You take ecru crochet cotton and make a tassle. The knob at the top of the tassle is the head. You take those little beads that are strung together, or those little silver wedding rings that you use to make silver anniversary wedding centerpieces, and glue or sew one on to the top of her head for a halo. You take one quarter of the tassles from either side of her 'body' and glue them in front of her as hands, with one of those tiny ribbon roses and a bit of pastel ribbon (two pieces in different shades are very pretty). Fold the ribbon in half and glue the 'hands' around the fold. And glue that to her chest so that her hands stay up. Buy those pre stiffened crochetted doilies (I think you can get them at Lewis craft)and fold them in half for the wings. Or take an unstiffened doily, fold it in half and gather it in the center and spray with starch, or stiffen with boiled water and sugar. These make beautiful Christmas decorations. If you need more details let me know!

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