Glitter Shaker

Gwen Chapman
Guide and Spark Guider

Take a clean baby food jar (the little ones) and fill it 2/3 full of WHITE corn syrup. In the corn syrup let the girls choose from an assortment of glitter and sequins and put them in the jar. In this case more is NOT better! Fill the jar with cold water, tighten on the lid, and shake the daylights out of the jar! This will mix the corn syrup, water and glitter, and VOILA! Instant glitter jar! You can take a square of material and tie it over the lid to decorate a little more.

We have made them for Valentines with heart glitter, lip glitter, I love you glitter, and regular fine glitter. For Easter, we used all bunny glitter. My daughters Brownies made these to go with thier space badge, and used sun and moon glitters! With all the fancy glitters for tables and cards and things now, there are endless themes for these! The kids love them!

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